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  1. Has Lucinda actually dealt with people who’ve had Covid?

    Maybe people who eat a healthier rawer dietvare affected more by the Vaccine. I know people who’ve had it and either no side effects or a few days of side effects but they’re heavy meat and anything eaters.

    The vast majority of people have no issues with the vaccine. I’m 79 years old and 50 50 whether to get the jab.

      1. This makes me so sad. We’ve all been vaccinated as have our friends. Vaccinated friends of ours were at a wedding a couple of weeks ago and it turns out that a number of guests who were not vaccinated (mostly “anti” mask/vaxxers) are sick with Covid. My friends have now tested positive but are showing no symptoms. They have underlying health issues and are grateful to have been vaccinated. This leaves me so very confused. I’m not sure I agree that the vaccine is bad news. The ingredients seem harmless. I had prayed fervently about this before getting the first shot and I am glad I did.

    1. Peter, DON’T get the jab!! It is totally experimental and has not been properly tested or approved. It’s actually not a vaccine but a bio weapon. Thousands of people now have died and been injured by it PURPOSELY. It causes blood clots and many other problems. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! Look up Dr Tenpenny (not sure of spelling) and Dr Mikovits they an experts in this area. Also World Doctors Alliance puts out great truthful information. You can go to their website or on Telegram. Ask yourself these questions, why are these expert Doctors being harassed and censored? If they truly want to help people wouldn’t they want to glean from their knowledge and expertise? Why do we need a vaccine for a virus that has a 99%survival rate?
      PLEASE Peter consider these things before you make a decision you might regret!

  2. My sons and I have not been vaccinated one of them has traumatic brain injury due to a horrible bicycle accident . They said he would never walk,talk or eat regular foods again however he does it all. He ate very healthy and organic. Everyone around me keeps asking why wouldn’t I at least allow him to get the shot. He refuses to take medications of any kind . I really feel like that’s the reason he pulled through and made it after them giving him 24 hrs to live. I thank you for all the advice shared and will follow it.

  3. I was diagnosed with non tuberculosis mycobacterium of the lung desease a year ago but did not want to take the cdc’s 3 heavy antibiotics they wanted to prescribe for me. I refused because my immune system was still recovering from their hepatitus c medication I had taken for 12 weeks and just totally messed my body up. I’ve been taking the ValAstra for about a year now but it doesn’t help my lung issue. Would the olbas oil rubbed into my chest help? Very good show by the way, lot’s of good information.

    1. Yes, but spray 500 PPM colloidal silver down your throat and huff it into your lungs several time a day. Use eucalyptus oil- a few drops in a sppnnful of honey. Rub Olbas oil on your chest front and back. Drink yerba sant tea – it kills the TB myco.

  4. The shot has much in it that defiles the temple of the Holy Spirit.
    The rumor is that Graphine Oxide is mostly what is in the Moderna jab with some mrna.
    It is rumored that those who took the experimental jab [now approved by the FDA Fradulent Deceptive Association] will be dead within the next 3 months to 5 years, some say within 10 years.

    1. I heard the approval is twisted information to make us think it’s approved when actually it’s a supposed approval of a vaccine that hasn’t been made yet. Something else to research.

  5. Dr. Mikovitz, the world authority on viruses and vaccines says you can detox from it. Contact me if you want the list of natural remedies for it.

  6. Hey Paul- I am a messianic believer with a wife with an autoimmune disease. We got the vaccine and later realized how awful it is. I actually attempted to make sure it was not made with any blood, stem cells, connections to aborted babies, etc. and sadly I read fake news saying it was “Torah-friendly”. Shortly after the vaccine, I was disabled with horrible fatigue, headaches, and depression. I work with a messianic nutritionist and she found all my cells were damaged and some misshaped now… Shortly after that, someone gave me your book “Health According to the Scriptures”. Yahweh had already begun downloading on me to start fasting, switching to plant based, keto diet-your book really solidified what I was hearing. All this to say, a few months since the shot I’m now healthier than ever and this vaccine really messed me up. Showed me that while scripturally this is not the “Mark of the Beast” as many say, I realize NOW how terrible the vaccine is and really most sources of western medicine and the sorcery based “pharmakia”.

    When we choose Torah through Yeshua we choose life! Although this was a hard lesson to learn, I’m glad I did and want to thank you for your contribution to me living a healthy, more Torah observant life now. Baruch haba bshem Yahweh.

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      1. any detox like fasting or colon cleansing. Try to increase your body’s speed in detoxing by doing those things.

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