Paul’s Media Kit

Paul Nison has written 8 health books about diet and healing from disease. His books still in print are listed on this page. Paul is available for lectures and events.


- The Raw Life; Becoming Natural in an Unnatural World ISBN #0-9675286-0-7
- Raw Knowledge: Enhance the Power of your mind, body and Soul ISBN #0-9675286-1-5
- Raw Knowledge 2: Interview with health Achievers ISBN #0-9675286-2-3
- Healing Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The Cause and Cure of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis ISBN #0-9675286-3-1
- Health According to the Scriptures: Experience the Joy of Health According to Our Creator ISBN #0-9675286-4-x
- Paul Nison’s Raw Food Formula for Health ISBN 978-1-57067-216-3
- The Daylight Diet: Divine Eating for Superior Health and Digestion ISBN 978-0-9675286-5-6


Paulnison.comThe official site of Paul Nison – Health Store for all of Paul’s Products and more. -Daily video show -Paul’s Non-Profit heath ministry - Paul's Fan Page on Facebook

Contact Information

To interview Paul or book him for an event, contact:

Phone: 917-407-2270

Thank you and have a healthy day.

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  1. Greetings,
    I am just finding you. I have been observing some of your videos. I thought I saw a video speaking about a retreat that you operate. I have not been able to locate that video again. If there’s a retreat, how do I sign up for it? Also, please tell me, which book in the Bible teaches about daylight eating? Thank you

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