The links below are web sites that I endorse because they are based on my philosophy and I have found them to be excellent sources of information.

Featured Links
The best website on the web for raw food snacks, juicers, appliances, natural beauty products, rebounders, supplements, and health books about all topics including The Raw Food Diet.
See all Paul's health videos about the raw food diet, plus many more health teachings from a bible viewpoint. This is a member site with free options and many coupons to Paul's products.
Paul Nison Fan Page on Facebook.

Raw Food Diet Get all your raw supplies here. Low Prices!

Bible Health Paul Nison Teaching Health According to The Scriptures. Facebook group about the The Bible Diet and Health.

Overcoming Cancer and Disease Dr. Schandl Blood Testing. Highly suggested and very helpful.

Healing Centers Healing Spa in WPB, Florida. Ann Wigmore health program in Lansing, Michigan.

Foraging and Wild Foods Learn all about Foraging for wild foods.



Social Networks for Believers of Yahweh A great place to find other believers of Yahweh and to fellowship. Visit Torah Life Ministries on Facebook

These are my favorite live radio or audio sites that teach or have music about Yahweh and the Scriptures. Messianic Lifestyle Directory Lamb Radio Hebrew Nation Radio 

Sites that expose man-made doctrines of modern Christianity. Visit to learn about the truth with so much helpful eye opening information. Very informative site to help understand how man has messed with Yahweh's word.

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