Who Is Paul Nison?

About Paul

Paul is a raw foods chef, educator, author, and father, who has been eating a raw food diet since he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis many years ago. Today he is 100% cured of this so-called “incurable disease” and still eats a mostly raw food diet.

Paul is the author of 8 books. He has been featured on The Food Network and in several magazines and newspapers around the world. He travels the world giving lectures on the raw food nutrition and raw food prep classes to show people how easy and fun the raw life can be.

And Yahweh Said, "Here! Throughout the whole earth I am giving you as food every see-bearing plant and every tree with seed-bearing fruit. -Genesis 1:29



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  1. Thanks for being there for us and have a prosperous new year.
    May GOD Bless and Keep you and your little family,
    Carol Case

  2. Hi I’m Martin and I have emphysema. I always hear that this and that can cure cancer. I haven’t had a cigarette in over 14 years but yet I am getting worst and worst every year. Why? Doctors don’t have any answers. I’m of the opinion that there has to be a pathogen that is thriving in my lungs… introduced by the cigarette smoking. Can your diet work to cure this condition that is long term?

  3. Hello from Greece, this is Katina! I just want to thank you for bringing life back to us. I discovered you recently and I feel that my eyes just opened. I’m a vegetarian, is that healthy or going vegan is so much better? You have a beautiful family!!! xoxoxox

  4. Thanks so much for your helpful website. I am vegetarian, keep biblical kosher and avoid gluten products as I have been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Can you recommend any particular foods I should be eating to be healthy and heal my gut. I know you have posted about IBD before but wondered if there was a difference with gluten allergy.

  5. Hi there I admire all the work you do, my grandad has bowel cancer. Would be great if you could guide me a little please as I am desperate to help him. I love him dearly I know diet can help him, just don’t know where to start?

    1. my book the raw life would be a great place to start. I have a bunch of videos on this site also to help you help him

  6. Hello. My mother was recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer to the peritoneum. She has been unable to eat hardly anything for almost 7-8 months now. She has lost over 75 lbs. I am really looking for something to help her not only with the cancer but the eating situation. Do you have suggestions on where to start?

    1. To start with my book the daylight diet or raw life but really the best place for her would be http://hippocratesinst.org
      They can help her so much with her diet and with her Cancer. I also suggest Dr.Schandl’s blood tests.. I posited videos this week about Dr. Schandl

    1. Hi Stephanie, Yes, I will answer more in a video but a vegan diet will help with inflammation. GMO Free and organic also will help.

  7. Hi Paul, I heard about your books through a youtube video by Dr. Leonard Coldwell. I have a friend that is struggling with triple negative breast cancer. Are there any fruits or vegetables that specifically would help more than others? thank you and love your work!!!

  8. Hello Paul , I like your videos

    what do you think about grains like barley and emmer wheat (ancient grains)

    unleavened bread ?

  9. Hello Paul, I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer. My story goes like this: they diagnosed me with TNBC in July 2015, had mastectomy on left breast in March 2016, the couple months later they tell me after being declared cancer free 99%, they tell me I am now stage 4 terminal with a tumor sitting against my spine which they are radiating to try and shrink so it won’t get to my spine, and they also tell me, I have 50 spots on my lungs give or take……they say I have tumor in my heart, and adrenal gland and spot on spine I am in a race for my life and I need guidance please sir? Thank you Thelma
    Chat Conversation End

  10. Hi Paul, My name is Galynn . I am 58yrs old I have been a raw vegan for 10 yrs. Because Of the information I have learned, I told my family a few yrs back that I couldn’t fix them Cooked food anymore. But it has caused so much strife in my family. We are a Christian family , but my husband does not feel convicted to give up his meat. I have your book about the scriptures and diet. Should I go back to fixing the SAD diet for them? My daughter feeds her family the Paleo diet. I don’t want my hands to cause them death by cooking their food What would you do? Thank you so much !

  11. Hi I am connecting to u from India. Pls guide me out to heal from GLOMUS JUGGLARE TUMOR , I am not in favor of surgery. I believe in mother nature,but need your expertise in Right way of healing myself. Thanks

  12. I have stage 4 inoperable breast cancer attached to my lungs. Is there anything I can do to help cure my diagnosis

  13. Hey Paul,
    This is William Thomas Kerr.. Everything show up but the CD to the EJUVA is empty. There is nothing on it. I’m a healthy person but I want to give it to someone I met. Think are working out for me now. Please will you send me another CDThat explains EJUVA. I would appreciate that. See you later LOVE. William

  14. Hi Paul, I am looking for support and guidance from good sources that support the raw foods diet in the long term. I am severely underweight and have lost my digestive fire. Any suggestions are appreciated

    1. Hi Susan. I am uploading a video tomorrow about the phases of adaptation. This will talk about the stages of losing weight. Please get the book your healthy journey, it will be under the video

    1. yes, I would start with doing an Ejuva Herbal cleanse. Get it at www,rawlife.com also do colonics and enemas. And change up your diet to raw vegan

  15. hi Paul,i wanted to know about your book “Healing inflammatory bowel disease” and also about the diet plan to do so . dis is a stubborn disease and I want to get rid of it .

  16. Hi Paul can you give me advice on how to heal my larynx I have had chronic inflammation in my throat for nearly two years and the f Doctors keep on prescribing me antiacids. These really do not work my throat is constantly inflamed. I have had scans and the doctors said there is nothing sinister. Can you please provide some adviceWith guards to nutrition so I can heal my throat. Many thanks

  17. Hey Paul, I’m trying to use my 10% off coupon code for your store but I’m not sure where to find it. Am I overlooking something I’ve tried my subscriber ID.

  18. My name is Dionicia caston I have ulcerative colitis since February 2019 quit the medicine February 2020 I am doing diet I’m good for three months then I have the problem again. Need to know how to start this diet I’m ready for the change

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