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The Raw Life Health Show was created by Raw Food Author and Chef Paul Nison. After writing 8 books51ja3RT9bkL about the raw food diet and being the chef at the world's biggest raw food restaurant Paul wanted to get the message out about health and the raw food diet. After traveling the word doing hundreds of health lectures and raw food classes Paul started making videos and posting them to youtube. He called it The Raw Life Health Show and it was a big success. The only issue Paul had was the video's he posted were limited in how long each video could be. Another minor issue was people spamming on the replies.

It's been a joy to Paul that he can share the important health information to the world but he was praying about how he can make The Raw Life Health Show top notch! For years Paul was searching for someone to help produce the show and help him get his information out to those who desired it.

At an event Paul was giving he met Victor who was a master web designer who was the perfect answer to Paul's pray. It took a while but The Raw Life Health show is now up and running. People have been calling in saying how much they enjoy the show and we will be uploading the testemionals shortly.

Paul will continue to share the latest health information, comment on some of the latest health issues and he will be answering all your questions.

The Raw Life Health Show is not only about The Raw Food diet but for everyone interested improving their health with any diet.

Join today and spread the word about The Raw Life Health Show.

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