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Raw Food Questions and Answers 12-14-12 **Members Only**

Here is your Friday Q&A for members of The Raw Life Health Show. If you are not a member you can upgrade anytime to view all the Q&A videos. Topics the week include;

-About the lady who’s getting her breast cut off “Why would the medical people do this? So right about the chemicals on the face and body…So right about the media praising her! No one should be praised like this… I think she and her family have been shammed by the doctors. Look at the silly media blitz… It IS a sad sad situation. Hope ‘she hits her head’ and wisdom sinks in!

-I live in Oklahoma. There are very few foods being harvested in Dec. in Oklahoma. So what can I do?

-Do you have any recommendations for those who have auto-immune conditions?

-Are you all raw Mr. durianking? Vegan?

-I am gad to learn the Walnut orange dressing!
I need to replace my chopping knife.
I like the smaller version of a French Chef Knife.

-Were would i start to learn how to eat right i really need a starting point

-Is there something I can do for a hemroid issue that is recurring?

-I am afraid that I am one of those who lost interest in the raw food diet sooner than just a few months...more like a few days. I guess my problem is not having enough time to prepare the meals every day, plus I only have me to feed, and the recipes are for much larger quantities, even when I reduce the amounts. Do you have any suggestions?

-Can i eat 1 or 2 eggs per day ...or is it to much?

-I reply to this comment: There is no way a vegan can live past 70. There is no documented case of anyone living past 70 on a vegan diet. Steve Jobs was a vegan & died at 56. Jobs had $8 billion in the bank & nothing he did could stop his cancer caused by his vegan diet. Linda McCartney (Beatles ) died at age 56. The brain is 80% cholesterol - so you need more cholesterol.

-I reply from this comment also.
His vegan diet killed him. He slowly starved to death and was unable to naturally repair his body. His family is HIDING the cause of death which I would imagine will put a damper on the sales of his soon to be released books which you can save yourself the money, pain & suffering by ignoring his diet information. His liver flush info was good. His death cult vegan diet- DEADLY. Follow his advice at your own peril. I was a vegetarian for 51/2 years and I was emaciated & malnourished. We need meat

-I watched a video of Andrea Moritz, he said Garlic was bad for us, but other books ive read say Garlic is good. Can you please tell me what you think?

-Is it necessary to take full baths every day in the cold weather or any time? Is just spot bathing sufficient along with skin brushing? Which is better for your skin?

-I live in CA and can get fresh organic kale and greens in winter, but not the other things you showed.....and I've never seen an apple banana. I have only seen the average bananas around our area, we are in a very rural area of CA...could I order a box of fresh apple bananas from your area? And lastly, can you show us how to make sunflower seed sprouts?

Thank you for your questions. If you have any questions please post them below the videos. Have a great weekend.

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