Here is a lecture I gave based on my book The Formula For Health. I gave this lecture after many years on a 100% raw vegan diet. The formula can be used for any type of eating plan. The principles in this lecture will help people overcome their diseases and achieve great health. This lecture is from 2007. My beard is shorter and I am wearing a tie, two things that have changed in my life since, but the points of the lecture have not changed. This is one of the most important lectures I ever gave and want the world to see it. As a member to The Raw Life Health Show, you are going getting an exclusive to this video, enjoy! As always post your comments or questions below.

4 thoughts on “Paul Nison- Raw Vegan Diet Lecture – Members Only”
  1. Great lecture. I’ve also almost finished your book, Raw Food Formula for Health. This is a nice backup for the info I’ve gleaned from it! Thanks much.

  2. Excellent Lecture Paul! I am already a motivated person….RA will do that to a guy. 🙂 But, you are pushing me on to go all the way with my healing. Thank you brother. Mark

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