Today, my guest is 40-year raw food eater, Dr. Fred Bisci. Dr. Bisci discusses how much food we really need. Dr. Bisci explains why people who eat too much fruit might end up with health issues later on in life. He also talks about eating sugar and the problems it creates. In the raw food world today, some people suggest counting calories, which is another topic we covered with Dr. Bisci. His web site is

7 thoughts on “Podcast: Forty-Year Raw Food Eater, Dr. Fred Bisci.”
  1. I checked out Dr. Bisci’s website and they were making raw nut milk. When the man in the video was getting water, he was using a water ionizer. Do you use a water ionizer and what do you recommend in the realm of purifying water in a cost effective way?

    1. I use a really good filter. If people really feel ionizers are important they should get them but I’m not convinced.

  2. The key in the Raw food community is to follow people who have done this for a while – Fred is the king there. This guy is 80 and still very active. I cannot understand all these Raw food “experts” who do not exercise – how can you be on raw diet and not exercise – Fred is one of those key people – who balances diet, exercise and spirituality well.


  3. any good costing one?? That’s pretty vague, with all due respect. You must at least have a Reverse osmosis filter to remove Fluoride, which is killer to our bodies. It is a toxic waste.

    1. There is a big different is cheap filters and expensive ones. Some people say reverse osmosis is best but others disagree. I say it is great but a good filter may not get rid of 100% of the fluoride but a very good amount.

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