Johnathan went to the hospital because he wasn't feeling well. He was diagnosed with covid but they sent him home to die. Hear his story and learn about why it is important to take control of your own health and not listen to what the doctors tell you.

21 thoughts on “Sent Home To Die”
  1. Praise Yeshua for healing I don’t believe in the vaccine. I take vitamins and vitiman B3 5000 lu.

  2. About the deep fatigue, I heard that this virus is bioweaponized to attack mitochandria causing lowered energy, besides the pulmonary effects.

  3. I know Jesus is coming back very soon. Lawlessness has increased. Our leaders have sold us out in our political and government indeties. We can only count on the one that hung for us and he won’t leave us to hang out and dry. I trust Jesus and am willing to die for him. Paul, before long they will be trying to hunt us down and kill Christian believers. I want to let you know I want to see you in heaven with our Lord forever in eternity.

  4. This is the mark watch the Simmons cartoon about the lierus well I can’t say the name of it but u must see this the name of the wax job is luciferase the number of it is mo2020070606AI and AI is Artificial intelligence and mark is spiritual and also mark means to sharpen to a point to scrape or to scratch

  5. Thank you for this info. I am Belgian and here we have also heard about these medicines. However, they are not given to the people either. Is it possible to provide the correct name of these medicines please. My English is not that great.

  6. Hi, thank you for sharing this story. Can you give me the names of these medications? Thank you.

  7. Thanks for the more confirmation that ultimately God Yahweh is the Healer when we turn turn to His simple wisdom and follow it, trusting in Him, listening in silence, obeying what we may not fully understand. May Yah bless you Paul.

  8. Hi Paul, I couldn’t find the option to ask you a question so I will ask it here. Can the ValAsta help with children that have down syndrome. Please and thank you.

  9. When life is based on faith instead of knowledge, on philosophizing instead of maintaining psychophysical fitness, on conspiracy theories instead of reason and science, then it happens as in this case. If this gentleman had followed the precautionary measures against the virus, had he been psychophysically fit, then he would not have gone through the hell he went through. And now he projects his own hell onto the outside world thinking he is helping others while in fact doing the opposite. If he had listened to science instead of Trump, and relied on reason and a healthy lifestyle instead of faith and God, he would be in paradise right now on Earth. I live in paradise now on Earth but that paradise should be earned by understanding the laws of cause and effect, not living blindly like the caveman who lived. Superstition is still stronger than common sense in many people. This gentleman is an example of that. Thanks for the video but this gentleman does not see the cause-and-effect law and that is why his conclusions and advice are wrong. I’m not talking about drugs, these drugs can certainly help someone, I’m talking about his understanding of the whole event in accordance with the law of cause and effect.

  10. Hi PAUL, could you writing down the name of medication and send to my email? Please. Thank you Neila.

  11. What happened to influenza pneumonia bronchitis and all the flu’s that kill people every year? …and sharing bacteria to build our systems?
    They changed the name and believe this new thing called covid and all of a sudden all these other things are muraculoysly gone?
    It was called influenza before. The young and elderly and sickly died from these things. Especially walking pneumonia.
    Change the name of a virus and change the belief!
    Like polio has a new name!
    So many lies! It’s crazy.

    Read Rev 18:23 about not using any pharmaceuticals at all. It’s sorcery.
    We are being deceived by it.
    Tylenol is a chemical pharmaceutical and a deception of sorcery. We are told sorcerers will not inherit the kingdom of heaven.
    Go for the garlic! Lots n lots of it!!!!!
    Much Ahabah!

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