I am giving free access to this video to everyone, not just members. This video is too controversial to post on social media like youtube because they are suppressing certain information from getting out. I don't have all the answers but I know something is not right.

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8 thoughts on “Something is not right. Please see this!”
  1. could have done w/o the Xfiles/Tense the listener music. I almost stopped the video because of it.

    I worked in Healthcare (USN/USMC Corpsman & RN/BSN) over 40yrs. many yrs ago we taught new Vaccinated Patients they may be contagious up to 72hrs depending on the Vaccine. The Vaccine Companies came to Pres Regan, Cong/Senate saying “We are tired of being sued we will stop making vaccines unless we get immunity” this should have been a red flag to the Gov’t but instead they gave the Vac Companies somewhat immunity, and when & what vac’s are to be given, and even what “Reactions” rules are and they keep a “Trust Lawsuit Fund”.

    Go to CDC.Gov and research (1) Ingredients of Vaccines (2) Adverse Reactions of Vaccines. Only the Flu has “Clean”, all others have Unclean Animals (One has Hamster Ovaries???), 1/2 of Vaccines have Aborted Stem Cells and the Plan is All Vaccines will.

    Most of the “News” pushing Vaccines have a story of a Couple where one spouse got the Vaccine, and the other didn’t. The one who did not get the vaccine got Covid soon after the spouse who got it came home (within 72 hrs probably). The News covers how only the people being seeing Positive New Cases are Non Vaccinated. The News Never Cover the “Reactions” at getting the Shot or soon after.

  2. Thank you for your stepping out.
    Your video is buffering a lot just to let you know. I th might be on my cell, but it usually doesn’t do that.

  3. Thank you for your concern and courage in posting this important video Brother Paul. My 88 year old dad received the AstraZenaca shot against my wishes and within 3 weeks of the shot he went suddenly blind in his left eye! We took him to hospital and he was transferred to a bigger Specialist eye Hospital and he was scanned and it turns out he had a blood clot behind his eye. It was dissolved and his vision returned but now his heart rate is going down to only 28 bpm. I believe this is all connected to the vax. I’m not letting my 82 year old mum take the shot and she doesn’t want to anyway. She’s already on Xanathan for her eyes ( Macular Degeneration) and she takes Vit D3, Zinc and Quercitin too. Plus lots of other vitamins. My dad will only take Vit D3. I worry about us being in contact with both my dad and my brother daily who have both had the first shot of AstraZeneca. My daughter is a medical doctor and she had to have the vaccine because she is a resident doctor at a large hospital and now she is experiencing the heaviest periods she has ever had!! She is 26 years old and hopes to marry and have children in the near future. I’m so worried for her fertility. You are right… something is definitely not right with these vaccines. Yahweh is in Control and I place all my family members under His daily protection but He wants us to use Wisdom too and not place our trust in man only. We absolutely must take special care of our bodies like you advise because they are Yahweh’s holy temples. We must not corrupt them with genetic modification.
    With many blessings to you and your loved ones in Messiah from pretty puppy ( LINDA)

  4. I personally have had extreme changes in my monthly cycle twice in the last few months, both times having just been around someone who just had the vax.

  5. Love the video information very important to stay informed, however, with all due respect that background music is not necessary. I took care of a friend who had COVID and till this day I am fine. Many have pressured me to take the vaccine, I tell them “no thank you.” Even my Health Ins. has tried to pressure me into taking the vaccine bc I’m 67 yrs old. I will not take it. Thank you for the video Paul.

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