Long-time Vegan Rev. Geroge Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres explains why the Bible says man can eat meat and the consequence that comes with it.

One thought on “Why Did God Allow Man To Eat Meat?”
  1. I’ve had some past , exposure to Hal. Acre’s and was very impressed and I’m have a knowing that it is truly God inspired…I am a minister of the Gospel and want to being to make a switch to Healthier eating…I know with GOD’S help I can begin to assimilate this into my eating habits daily ! I an almost 65 years young and I choose to keep my strength and vitality and add to it ….
    I have been fighting against joint restriction and painful movement in mainly one my knees… and one hand in the knuckle area of several fingers ! I am a Assistant Pastor and teacher under GOD’S calling and annointing and want to continue to be an example of Divine Health which I have been for the majority of my life…I know I need to do better especially in my eating less and less of animal meats !

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