Why Raw Foods?

The Raw Food Diet

At the Raw Life Health Show we suggest people consume raw fruits and vegetables as a good part of their diet. It is not all or none. If you are not on a 100% raw food diet you can still be healthy if you follow the other health tips often mentioned on the show. This page is to explain to everyone why raw foods are so healthy and the possible issues with cooked food.

When you eat natural foods, you preserve important enzymes within the food. This is one of the secrets to a healthy life. Cooking foods destroy the digestive enzymes in the food which forces your body to work harder at digestion.

From Wikipedia about Raw Foods

Raw foods gained prominence in the West throughout the 1900s, as proponents, such as Ann Wigmore and Herbert Shelton, stated that a diet of raw fruits and vegetables is the ideal diet for humans. Raw foodists extrapolate from such research the supposition that the enzymes found in living foods interact with other substances, notably the enzymes produced by the body itself, to aid in digestion. Promoters of raw foods, such as the Weston-Price Foundation, support the idea that, since no digestive juices are secreted in the upper stomach, the enzymes in the raw foods last for about 30 minutes in the upper stomach before being destroyed in the lower stomach, thus giving them enough time to break down the raw foods, to some extent.

In a 1936 work entitled Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, dentist Weston A. Price observed dental degeneration in the first generation who abandoned traditional nutrient dense foods which included unprocessed raw foods e.g. un-pasteurised milk products, fruit and dried meats. Price claimed that the parents of such first generation children had excellent jaw development and dental health, while their children had malocclusion and tooth decay and attributed this to their new modern insufficient nutrient diet (which would have included a proportion of raw food).

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