On today's podcast we have an interview with herbalist and author Lucinda "Cindy" Robinson. Lucinda has been helping people overcome diseases with all-natural methods. In this podcast she shares some important lessons that she has learned about total health. Lucinda offers help or all issues but specializes with help in the areas of cancer, leukemia, TB, AIDS, fungal skin conditions, chronic back conditions, various skin conditions, colitis and various bowel disorders, cardiac and circulatory conditions, common cold and virus, aging, pre-natal care, nervous disorders, degenerative disease, sports nutrition, etc. In this interview we also talk about modesty and the role it has concerning our health. If you want to learn about what the scriptures really have to say about health, diet, food, disease and healing, you will love this episode. Lucinda's website is http://www.naturalherbaltherapy.info/

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