More and more people suffer today from Thyroid issues than ever before. My friend Enrique understands because as a young man his life was almost ruined by this thyroid issues. With his health failing him and his doctors telling him to just take drug to control his illness, Enrique wanted more. He wanted a cure. He read a book by Dr. Norman Walker about Juicing and Raw Foods and his problems were solved. Today he is doing just fine and setting an example for others that the best way to deal with disease is to go on a raw food diet.

If you know anyone suffering with health issues dealing with the thyroid you don't want to miss this podcast. If you are looking to improve your health and life, this show is for you. Everyone will be encouraged by Enrique's healing story.

10 thoughts on “Podcast: Helping Thyroid Issues with The Raw Food Diet”
  1. Shalom,
    My girlfriend has a thyroid issue and she has been researching about HCG. She did a lot of her own research about it and also brought me over to a presentation on HCG that a local naturopathic doctor had in the lobby of her office. She gave very good advice (actually, I asked her about the Daylight Diet and agrees with it as well as your take on everyone must be a 100% raw vegan or not). I had also asked her on green juices and her take on that agrees with David Wolfe, that our body burns energy by just chewing our food and when skip that process with the cruciferous vegetables it doesn’t digest properly. So by chewing the food until it almost turns into a juice-like consistency allows your body to better digest those crucial foods.

    Her advice about HCG was to not get it from online due to the fact that you don’t know the source of it – it could be synthetic, could act like a placebo, or in most cases it may come from a place like India or China where the sanitary conditions are poor. She has the needles that would be needed for the option of HCG and told us the best place to use them due to the blood flow. She also has a whole diet guide as to each step what you should eat and drink. There are a few non-kosher foods listed in there, but she said that those animal meats could easily be substituted by just avoiding the unclean seafood and pig products. So my question for you is what’s your take on HCG for those that are suffering from a thyroid problem?

    Thank you again, Paul for this very informative information on thyroid. I’ll be looking forward to your response in a future Q&A. Shalom and I hope you and your family have a wonderful raw Shabbat!! Lol

    Shabbat Shalom!

    1. Hi David, I wouldn’t listen much to a doctor that says unclean meats are safe for several reasons. About HCG and Thyroid issues, I suggest you connect Enrique, The guy on the podcasts. He should know more about that one than me.

      1. Thank you Paul. I see your point on your take on what a doctor says on unclean meats. I’ll inform my girlfriend to get in touch with Enrique. I’m sure he’ll give her a lot of good information on it. Thanks again.

    2. I wouldn’t do the HCG. A raw food diet or some type of cleanse is just great to balance the thyroid. The raw food diet works because it is in a sense a cleansing diet. Email me if you have any questions.

  2. Paul, shalom again, what do I need to click on to get the podcasts, I get the descriptions and comments, but not the actual broadcast. Thank you

      1. HI Nison,
        Not able to see this podcast. Can you plz send me other link where i can see it? Thanks !!

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