It today's Podcast I talk about the raw Food diet and the cooked food trap. At age 20, I, Paul Nison was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (also know as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), a deadly affliction.

In my search for a cure began with medical doctors, but they didn’t have the answers I needed. After trying almost every so-called cure to overcome my pain and suffering, I finally discovered the benefits of eating more simply. I started by getting rid of foods that were no good for me.

Simplifying my diet was the first step in my cure.

I was eating so much unhealthy food, but didn’t care because I felt great. When I got sick, I finally realized health doesn’t start with what we add to our diet, but with what we leave out.

I started to leave out all unhealthful foods, and the healthful foods I was left with were raw, ripe, fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. After turning to a more simple diet called “the raw food diet” consisting of just that, raw foods, I was amazed at how quickly my health returned. I was even more amazed because doctor’s told my raw foods would not help my condition. In fact, they warned me by saying a diet of raw fruits and vegetables would be harmful to anyone with inflammatory bowel disease. This led me to simplify all areas of my life.

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