I created this website to promote the teachings about the raw food diet and lifestyle. I've written 8 books and was a chef at the world's biggest raw food restaurant in NYC.
Please check out this new membership site! I post videos and podcasts often about health and healing, raw food recipes, special interviews with long-time raw foodists, and many other helpful topics.
You can join today as a member and start receiving many benefits, like 10% off all items at The Raw Life Web Store (www.rawlife.com), or become a free subscriber to get a sneak preview. Click on the video to learn more.
Have a great raw life!
6 thoughts on “Welcome to The Raw Life Health Show”
  1. Hi Paul:

    Are you having trouble with your members only web site, because I can not view your videos.


    1. the server was down yesterday morning but is up and working fine now. Let me know if you are still having an issue

  2. I was just wondering if you ever eat meat. Such as lamb on Pesach. Hope you will answer this as I’m not a member.

  3. How does one get off your subscriber e-mail list? Looks like the unsubscribe on your page is just for paying customers. I wish no more e-mails from raw life health show. Thanks

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